This is how to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes and get a good night’s sleep

You have finally found the perfect sleeping position and you are about to fall asleep, but then you hear that awful buzzing sound. Now you have to quickly get that one leg back under the covers before you have to spend the rest of the night and day scratching. There goes your peaceful sleep. How do you get rid of those horrible mosquitoes? Chemical aerosols, a mosquito net or the old-fashioned fly swatter/shoe all work fine, but it is best to get rid of mosquitoes in a natural way. I searched the internet and found some tips for you.

Citronella Most people are familiar with citronella. You can find it everywhere around you in the summer: citronella candles, markers, oil, etc. Citronella is highly effective when it comes to preventing mosquitoes and handling their bites.

Camphor This ingredient could be the answer to all those mosquito nightmares. Compared to other natural solutions, this mixture appears to keep mosquitoes at bay the longest. Light up camphor in the house and/or bedroom and close your windows and doors. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and you will have a mosquito-free room.

Tulsi (holy basil) This herb is extremely effective in killing mosquito larvae and ensuring that mosquitoes stay away. In fact, if you plant a tulsi shrub close to the window, the mosquitoes not only disappear from your house, but they will not enter anymore either.

Garlic Mosquitoes hate garlic so much they do not come near it. Press a few cloves of garlic, mix it with water and spray it through the room where the mosquitoes most likely are. You can spray it on yourself too, but that is only for the very adventurous people among us.

Tea tree oil Besides the fact that this oil works wonders for your hair and skin, it is also a perfect way to get rid of mosquitoes. You can rub the oil on your skin or in your hair, but it is also an option to pour the oil into a spray bottle and spread it throughout the room.

Mint Do you like the smell of mint? Then this option is great for you. Mosquitoes actually cannot stand the smell of mint. You can use mint in different ways. Spray your room with it, rub mint oil all over your body, or plant a mint shrub under your window.

Lavender Most people love the smell of lavender, but the smell of lavender is too strong for mosquitoes, which prevents them from biting. So, plant a lavender shrub under your window, put it in pots on your window sill, spray it around in your room as an air freshener or rub yourself with lavender oil from head to toe.

Plant trees and shrubs. If you think trees and bushes attract mosquitoes, you are mistaken. If you plant the right kind of shrubs and trees, you will be rid of the entire problem. Shrubs such as holy basil, mint, pot marigold and trees such as lemon, Indian lilac and citronella grass are extremely effective.