9 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Banana Peel

7. Give the banana peel to the animals
If there is a farm near your house, take the remains of the banana peel there. Chickens, goats and pigs will love this delicious dessert. You can spend some time with them and if you’re lucky there are some super cute little ones that you can feed by hand.

8. Polish your shoes
Do you already have a set of shoe polish on your shelf, but none of them can have the desired effect or is it not durable enough? Here is the ultimate and cheap solution for leather shoes: clean your shoes and rub a banana peel on the leather to make them shine immediately. Use the outside of the skin for this. This also works for silver jewelry, which will shine again thanks to the banana peel!

9. Helps with insect bites
Mosquito and other insect bites are annoying, irritating and often painful. Here is a great solution to cure them faster: hold the inside of the banana peel for 10 minutes and the irritation will disappear!