They opened a daycare center in a retirement home. The reason for this will be used all over the world

The video you are about to watch is a trailer for a new documentary called ‘Present Perfect’. The subject of this documentary is a look into ageing in the United States. This nursing home in Seattle is home to over 400 elderly people. What’s remarkable is that a daycare centre was opened at the same location, but that was no mere happenstance. Many seniors face loneliness as they get older. Being alone entails unpleasant consequences such as depression and health problems. Social isolation is a major issue for elderly people, including in the Netherlands.

The nursing home in this documentary trailer came up with the perfect solution for this. The retirement home shares the building with a daycare centre. Bringing the elderly and children into contact with each other creates special friendships. The elderly are a lot less lonely and prove to be great companions for the children. The children bring a smile to the faces of the elderly and the elderly teach the children all kinds of things: songs, wisdom and dance steps. What an amazing combination!

Together they play games, draw pictures and dance to music. My heart melts when the girl and the old lady hold each other’s hands. You cannot help but stop to consider how short life is when you see this type of interaction at that age.

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