These are the 5 most incredible kitchen trends this year

Do you remember life before Pinterest? You probably had books full of magazine clippings and no one to share your creations with. Today, life is filled with digital mood boards of the latest trends. In this article, we are going to talk about the five kitchen trends that according to Pinterest are the latest trends for 2017. A few days ago, Pinterest put its Home Report for 2017 online, packed with ideas about food, cooking and kitchen tips. If you have not yet come across these ideas, it’s about time!

These are the five best kitchen trends according to Pinterest:
1. Organised kitchen cabinets When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s not enough to just check the expiration date. The latest kitchen trend is tidying up your cabinets so that they look like a trendy supermarket. This means mason jars, chalk labels and storing your fruit and vegetables in francy matching baskets.

2. Vertical bar carts There is nothing that the internet has not yet tried to turn into a bar cart. Of course, it’s a great idea for those among us who have little space. The latest trend is to let go of the cart idea completely and make shelves to store your liquor stock. It looks amazing and it also saves space.

3. Compost According to Pinterest, many people want to know how to make a DIY compost bin. This will allow you to turn leftovers into a miracle cure for your plants.

4. Coffee bar This trick could be the secret to becoming the most productive human being in the world. People who love coffee are building entire coffee furniture, filled with everything they need to start their day. The nice thing about it is that you can put up a writing board where you can write everything you need to do that day.

5. Cast-iron cookware All professional chefs will agree that cast-iron cookware is the best. It’s resistant to high temperatures and will last much longer than the plastic cookware you can buy at the supermarket around the corner. Additionally, it looks amazing!