These 5 paint colors in your house will make you happiest

The colours in your home have a huge impact on your mood – especially paint colours. Research shows that the colour of your walls can have an effect on your emotions: there are certain colours that make you sad, colours that make you calm, colours that reduce your appetite, and so on. Colours can often make us recall memories without us being aware of them. That is why it would be advisable to think of which colours remind you of moments of happiness and joy before you pick out the paint. Grab a colour palette and take a moment to see which memories are recalled for each colour. People often think that ‘happy’ colours are those that stand out and are bright while that may not necessarily be the case. It is actually the softer colours that evoke a sense of peace and happiness.

Do you want to redo your walls and are you in need of some inspiration? Read on for some ideas!

1. Yellow for Luck
There is a reason why we often associate yellow with joy. Buttercup yellow is a perfect example of a shade that is subtle but, at the same time, feels warm and stimulates all our five senses. Yellow is known as a natural source of positive energy and happiness.

2. Sky blue for renewal
This is where you would want to fall asleep every night, right? This colour blue immediately creates a relaxed atmosphere and helps restore your natural rhythm for a more restful sleep.

3. Violet/Black for Mindfulness
This colour may seem dark and gloomy, but the subtle purple undertone brings a sense of tranquillity. This colour will also help you create a place for concentration and withdrawal.

4. Yellow/Green for Optimism
Don’t you just feel energised by looking at this wall? This shade of green/yellow, also known as “crushed oregano”, brings with it a feeling of spring that makes you unconsciously feel happier. Green also brings a lot of positive energy and creates a place that stimulates personal growth. Perfect for your study!

5. Silver/Sage for Balance
The perfect combination of silver and sage provides balance and harmony in your room. Because the colour is light but simultaneously contains warmer tones, this colour ensures that your room appears full but not too crowded.