Pilot thinks he sees a mysterious object, but then makes a shocking discovery

In 1972, the Royal Australian Air Force made a routine flight through a remote area of Papua New Guinea, part of what was then Australian territory. It was a normal day and in the beginning everything seemed normal, but then something happened that would change everything. At the start of the flight, the people in the helicopter did not know exactly what they were seeing. It was an unusual sight, given that they flew very deep into the forest areas of Papua New Guinea. The only thing they saw were miles of forests, but then something white and strange appeared beneath them.

Carefully, without knowing what exactly they saw, they flew closer to the object that was striking between the trees and the green nature. The object they saw was half under water. It was possible that the area where the object was located was partly made of swamp.

Dangerous animals, including alligators, live in the swamps of Papua New Guinea, making it extra difficult to identify the object in the swamp. The country was a conflict zone during the Second World War. There was a lot of fighting in this area at the time, especially in the air. It was therefore not surprising to make the link that the mysterious object that lay in the swamp might have something to do with the Second World War. They decided to come up with a plan so that they could take a closer look at the object, curious what it was? You can see it on the next page.