Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question…

They were both Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz, both privileged prisoners with privileges. Mr. Wisnia, first had the task of collecting the bodies of prisoners who had committed suicide. When they found out he was a talented singer, he was chosen to entertain his Nazi prisoners. Mrs. Spitzer held a stronger position: she was the graphic designer of the camp. They became lovers and met about once a month at a prescribed time. In addition to the fear of being caught, they were really looking forward to these dates. “She chose me,” he remembered.

They didn’t speak much. When they did, they told each other short fragments of their past. Wisnia had an opera-loving father who had inspired his singing but who unfortunately died with the rest of his family in the Warsaw ghetto. Mrs. Spitzer, who also loved music – she played the piano and mandolin – taught Mr. Wisnia a Hungarian song. They agreed with each other for months, but knew that these visits would stop. Death was everywhere around them. Yet the lovers planned a life together, a future outside of Auschwitz. They knew they would be divorced at some point, but they planned to reunite after the fight ended. They agreed to meet in Warsaw after the liberation.

Mrs. Spitzer was one of the last to leave the camp alive. Instead of being released, she was taken to the women’s camp in Ravensbrück. Together with another prisoner, they decided to escape and mingle with the people in the village. In the meantime years had passed and there was never a meeting in Warsaw. They had lost sight of each other. Both had built a life of their own, they were married and had children and grandchildren. Until one day Mr. Wisnia looked through old photos and saw the face of Zippi. All memories came back. What he decided then will surprise you, read it on the next page!