Ironing will never be boring again from now on. I wish I had known about this sooner

So, there you are, facing your ironing board with two full hampers in need of ironing, all because you kept procrastinating. There goes your precious time. Do you detest ironing, but do you want your clothes to be neat and wrinkle-free? I scoured the internet for tips to make this household chore a bit more fun. Iron and watch Do you have a favourite show you cannot stop watching? Get your ironing board down from the attic and do your ironing while watching your favourite show, such as Suits, Pretty Little Liars or Downton Abbey. Ironing is guaranteed to be 100% more fun, and this chore will seem to take up less time.

Iron and listen Are you more of a music lover? Then put on your favourite singer or band and enjoy! Do not forget to occasionally dance while behind your ironing board. Never have the time to read? Put on an audiobook while you are ironing.

Iron while on the phone Have you not spoken to someone in a while? Call them while you are ironing, you will be done before you know it!

Only iron the essentials. Underwear, socks and towels may be essential, but they really do not need ironing. So, make life a bit easier for yourself and only iron pants, (dress) shirts, jackets, etc. You can find more tips on the next page.

Teach your children Do you have children old enough to help with the household? Teach them how to iron! It might be quite the task at the beginning, explaining it to them and keeping an eye out, but it will not take long before you can start alternating.

Child irons dressses with a vintage toy iron ironing board in this sunlit photograph by Charlotte NC children’s photographer.

Procrastination only creates piles Do not procrastinate your ironing. Everyone has moments where they simply cannot be bothered with it, but procrastination will only create piles, which will ultimately cost more time to get through – such a waste!

Treat yourself Done with the two full hampers? Treat yourself to something nice. It is one way to keep ironing fun.