In no time he makes this great fish bowl in the garden. A beautiful accessory

By now, I have shared a lot of DIY ideas with you, such as the fastest way to get rid of your ear infection. But so far, not one of them has had anything to do with fish! Until now… Despite the fact that this video is from 2011, I still felt the urge to share it with you. At the time, the German Youtuber ‘TCHelmut’ posted a video online of his creative fish tower that he had made for his koi carp.

Every day, about 20 koi fish swim in and out of the tower. Some even stay in the tower for a few hours! To enjoy the view, I think… There is also another important reason for this. The temperature of the water in the tower quickly becomes higher than that of the rest of the pond. I think you can already guess the reason for it: the water tower is built vertically, which means its size is a lot smaller than that of the pond. It looks like some kind of observation tower where the fish can keep a lookout!

The tower is made of glass of about 1 cm thick. It is quite fascinating to watch the fish swim in and out. It looks like they are actually enjoying it! It is also a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the fish even more because fish often have the most beautiful colours on their sides. It is also an easy way to feed your fish without having to stoop. Plus, maintaining this beautiful garden decoration is easy, just like any other pond.

There is no need to worry either. Koi fish a perfectly capable of swimming in and out of the tower. This is a creative idea that I would like to have as a garden decoration myself!