The 6 Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

“Dreams don’t happen to us, we happen to them,” says Ian Wallace, an Edinburgh-based dream psychologist, author of the book The Top 100 Dreams. In other words, we are the director, actor and producer of all films that play in our heads after we fall asleep (we create about five dreams of 15 to 40 minutes a night). “In dreams, new information is combined creatively with old information,” says researcher Michael Schredl of the sleep institute of the Central Institute of Mental Health in Germany. If you want to know what your dreams mean, put pen and paper on your bedside table and write down what you dreamed about when you wake up, Schredl advises. Then compare your dreams with this list of 6 common dreams, and find out what they mean!

dreaming meaning

1. Being chased

The dream: You run as fast as you can but you will still not escape from what is after you. Sometimes you don’t even know what you’re fleeing for, the only thing you can think about is “run!” But no matter how fast you run, you won’t get any further.
What does it mean?: In your dream you try to flee from a bad guy. There is therefore a good chance that you will also avoid a problem in your waking life that you still have to solve. According to Wallace, it can be about relationship problems, a problem at work or just an frustrating problem in your personal life.

What can you do about it?: What stops you? According to Schredl, this dream is often a representation of avoidance behavior that is linked to psychological problems, including anxiety and depression. Try to think about the problems in your life and look for a solution. Once the problem is solved you will probably dream more calmly. Do you ever dream that you will lose your teeth? On the next page you will find out what that means!