11 ways to recycle empty toilet rolls in and around the house

Stop throwing out empty toilet rolls! In addition to the fact that primary schools would love to have the toilet rolls for arts and crafts, they can also be of use to you. They are useful both indoors and outdoors! Mirror Do you not have a mirror in your hall, toilet or bathroom yet? Then this tip is for you! You can use the empty toilet rolls to create a nice mirror. First, buy a mirror to your liking, cut the empty rolls in narrow strips and glue them together. Glue these pieces to the mirror, et voilĂ ! Do not forget to hang the mirror up!

Storage Make a garage out of toilet rolls for all the little cars lying around the house. It is fun for the kids, and it makes everything look a lot more tidied up.

Pots for plant Toilet rolls are made of cardboard, which is the perfect material to use if you want to grow seeds. This material decomposes, allowing your plants to grow better over time. How do you go about this? You can view it here.

Desk organizer Is your desk a mess? Then make a desk organizer from toilet rolls. How, you may ask? Paint some toilet rolls in a nice colour, let them dry, then stick them on a piece of cardboard. There you go! You can now resume work.

Pencil holder Is a desk organizer just a bit too much of a good thing? Then make this adorable pencil holder. Go out and look for thick twigs. Glue the toilet rolls together, stick the twigs on and let your pencil holder dry.

Cords Are the cords in your home always tangled? This will be a great solution. Roll the cords up neatly and slide a toilet roll over it.

Birdfeed Spread peanut butter over the toilet rolls, roll the toilet rolls through the birdfeed and hang it from a branch in the garden.

Yarn Roll your yarn around the toilet rolls, it will stay neat and tidy.

Scarves Do you love scarves, but have you collected so many that you no longer know what to do with them? Roll them up neatly and put an empty toilet roll around them. So convenient!

Wrapping paper Putting a toilet roll over the roll of wrapping paper will help keep the paper neat and crease-free.

Presents Have you bought a tiny present? Use a toilet roll to wrap the present. Do not forget to decorate the toilet roll for a more festive appearance.