10 Very Unique Sinks That Will Amaze You!

Looking for a new sink for your home? Then take a look at this amazing gallery! The unique washbasins you see are sometimes very bizarre! A sink made of stone, wood or a sink with fish in it? You can see it all on the following pages!

1. That glass is incorporated in this sink is not even the most special, but the drainage is completely on the other side of the sink which is very unique! This creates a kind of river in your own home.

2. Is it stone or is it wood? In any case, it looks very cool and natural!

3. This sink is very special! It reminds me of an iceberg under water. Would you like to have this in your bathroom?

4. Here you become completely zen! Instead of a normal water tap, the water is distributed here as a kind of waterfall. And to make it even more beautiful, the sink is filled with stones! Magnificent.

5. For all music lovers among us we have the guitar sink! How beautiful?

6. This is fun! Watch your fish while brushing your teeth. I want this in my house too!

7. Is this practical? It seems to me that the water floods very quickly! But maybe I see it wrong. If you like this design, then this washbasin is perfect!

8. How nice is this? You hardly see that it is a water tap! Very modern and stylish.

9. This is also beautiful! Because of the lighting and the stones in the sink it looks like you see the bottom of the ocean.

10. A sink with a pattern on the bottom also provides a nice effect when light shines on it!